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Lactation Support

Somatic Movement

Annie Freeman

After graduating from college, Annie moved to Sanford, NC and worked for a small animal veterinary practice and a horse farm before she discovered the wonders of massage therapy and left for the Florida School for Massage Therapy in Gainesville.  Returning to Sanford in 1985 she started a private practice focused on maternal health, providing massage therapy for pregnant women and teaching yoga in her community.  Overtime her practice evolved to include a wide continuum of ages and interests including advanced studies in yoga, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, infant developmental movement education, infant massage, pre and perinatal education, lactation and breastfeeding.  Annie has created a space for all to pause, to learn, to feel, to breathe and to relax.


Annie works privately offering breastfeeding and lactation support, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, developmental movement, yoga and massage therapies.


She teaches classes for Moms and Moms to be on breastfeeding, infant developmental movement, infant massage and yoga.  See calendar for information.


Annie offers two free support groups for Moms and babies:

A breastfeeding and lactation support group and a free craniosacral therapy clinic for babies.


For appointments, questions, calendar with class information, support groups or clinics please contact Annie call/text 919-774-7886.



  noun | blos·som  |\ˈblä-səm\

    1to open  2to develop fully  3to thrive

~ Webster's Dictionary

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