the journey from conception to walking, being with the intelligence of babies and children, resourcing Moms and young families, supporting and appreciating, educating and encouraging these unique relationships using breastfeeding support, craniosacral therapy, infant massage, developmental movement, pre and perinatal education and yoga.


“Annie helped us navigate the early days and weeks after our daughter was born.  Her breastfeeding and lactation support helped us feel confident and our baby is thriving.  What felt overwhelming at first, became manageable with her guidance.” - A.T.





Developing Fully

the journey of the middle years, discovering capacity, integrating physical strength with movement, breath and alignment, balancing growth and guiding the body using massage therapies, craniosacral therapy, yoga and somatic movement.


“Our daughter injured her shoulder during a swim meet.  She is 100% better after Annie worked with her to improve her movement patterns and it increased her strength and flexibility.” - C.H.






the journey for the young at heart, deep inquiry around creating resilience and building maximum health, reviving skills and restoring freedom of movement using massage therapies, craniosacral therapy, yoga and somatic movement.


“Thank you so much.  Without your help I would have thought the morning stiffness and trouble getting comfortable were the inevitable signs of aging.  Now I can hope for better!” - S.W.



Lactation Support

Somatic Movement



  noun | blos·som  |\ˈblä-səm\

    1to open  2to develop fully  3to thrive

~ Webster's Dictionary

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